Ecclesiastical Ecstasy

Ecclesiastical ecstasy

Historic places of worship are the crown jewels in South Kesteven’s architectural heritage. The district has 75 Grade 1 listed churches, many open to the public – the five medieval ‘dreaming spires’ of Stamford, the 282’ soaring spire of St Wulfram’s in Grantham with its ancient chained library, the historic churches of Market Deeping and Deeping St James, and St John’s in Colsterworth, the family church of Sir Isaac Newton with a heritage learning centre – to name but a few. Many of the picturesque villages feature a fine stone church with beautiful architecture and hidden charms and secrets.

Suggested visits whilst in Grantham, Stamford, Bourne or Market Deeping:

The majestic St Wulfram’s in Grantham, with its ancient Trigge chained Library

Finkin Street Methodist Church, Grantham (family church of Margaret Thatcher)

St Vincent’s in Caythorpe, north of Grantham – a shrine to airborne forces with the thought-provoking Arnhem Aisle and two beautiful stained glass windows.

St John the Baptist, Colsterworth, south of Grantham - the family church of Sir Isaac Newton with a heritage learning centre

Bourne Abbey Church in Bourne, dating back to 1138

Stamford’s town spires of St Marys, All Saints, St Martin’s, St John the Baptist and St George’s.

The Anglo Saxon churches of Priory Church in Deeping St James & St Guthlac’s in Market Deeping