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Register your event

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If you have a local event that you would like to promote for free on the Discover South Kesteven website, please complete the form below. The event must be relevant to people visiting or living in the South Kesteven area, so only events with wide appeal which are located within a 20 minute drive from the district borders can be included.

What type of events can be listed?

Larger events such as village fetes, festivals, street markets, music concerts and large cultural or sporting events which are likely to engage the wider community and appeal to people visiting the county are all welcome.

What about smaller events?

Discover South Kesteven is a visitor focussed site, so small events, such as jumble sales, small sporting events and coffee mornings are deemed not to be suitable for this platform and will not ordinarily be approved. Approval of events is at the sole discretion of Discover South Kesteven and we reserve the right to refuse any submission we feel is unsuitable. If our team feel that your event does not meet the listing criteria we will advise you accordingly and you may wish to consider alternative platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

What happens next?

The event information will need to be checked and approved by our Visitor Economy team. Once this has been done it will then appear online as a basic listing. Please allow a few days for your event to be approved.
If you wish to enhance your listing and increase the exposure of your event you will need to become an associate member of Discover South Kesteven. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can advise you further on this. Email:

Copyright disclaimer

By submitting an event, text or image to be hosted on the Discover South Kesteven website you agree that the information is accurate to the best of your knowledge and that Discover South Kesteven may use that information to promote your business/event and the region or it may be used to fulfil any relevant press requests we receive. You agree that any images or text provided to Discover South Kesteven are not copyrighted and that you are permitted to use them for promotional purposes.